Google Search in 200 Words

Google Search in 200 Words

Google Search in 200 Words

The internet is driven by search engines (in the UK almost exclusively Google) either on a desktop, laptop, tablet or (most commonly) on a phone. Search result are based on a number of factors, the most important of which are:

  • The term being searched for.
  • The location of the searcher.
  • The relevance of a website to the search term.
  • The perceived (by Google) importance of a site.

In order for a site to rank well it must address each of these. There are a great number of factors involved in this but the most important are:

  • Search Engine Optimization – This means that the site has been written in the correct way to rank for search.
  • Local signals – Meaning it is clear that a site which is relevant to a specific geographical location.
  • The content of the site – A site that talks a lot about widgets is likely to rank well for the search term ‘widgets’.
  • The number of quality and relevant other sites linking to the site. A link to your site from the BBC will make you rank highly as would a link from a barber’s forum to a barber’s shop.

As you might imagine, this process is time consuming. It is also hit-and-miss as Google is secretive and fickle. There is no (free) silver bullet!

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