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Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes™ is an international ethical denim brand based in Matlock, Derbyshire. Their products are sold throughout the world both on the high street and from their e-commerce website

We replaced the companies’ existing e-commerce website with a new re-designed, modern site. The sites design – both front and back end – was built around specifications provided by the client combined with insight Sonata provided from their experience in the field.

The client’s specific requirements included:

The new e-commerce site was built around the premium but inexpensive Web-Asyts Shop-Script framework. This PHP based framework Is not only fast and stable but allows for rapid adjustments to design and functionality essential for a client re-acting to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Unlike many online e-commerce solutions (for example Shopify) this bespoke solution does not require a monthly subscription and no ‘transaction fee’ is levied. Other than an initial one of outlay for the Web-Asyst Shop-Script frame work the clients only ongoing costs is for hosting and support.

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