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About Peak Roofclean

Peak Roofclean is a company specialising in the cleaning of residential and commercial roofs. Roofs are first cleaned of moss and allge before being treated to prevent future growths. The company operates from its depot in Chesterfield servicing Derbyshire as well as the surrounding counties.

The companies’ new business comes primarily from their online presence together with customer referrals. The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive with new firms starting up every month often without the investment in skills and equipment more professional and established companies like PRC have.

Peak Roofclean initially requested the creation of a dedicated online presence (website) for which Sonata provided the web design and development. Since that time the website has been overhaled to reflect changes is the marketplace as well as advances in website technology.

Internet Consulting and Web Marketing

Sonata have over 10 years’ experience in the ever-changing marketplace of internet consulting. In addition to the building of a website some form of web marketing will normally be required. This may include a mixture of search engine optimization, content marketing, social marketing, offline marketing and paid online advertising. Although some degree of web marketing is almost always necessary for commercial websites Peak Roofclean’s needs are unusual because of the highly volatile marketplace. Sonata designed a comprehensive online marketing strategy which was efficient and highly adaptable. In addition to ensuring the websites visibility in search engines’ organic (i.e. free) search results Peak Roofclean also utilise Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, specifically Google AdWords. While it is obviously preferable to drive traffic to a site for free, this can be difficult for a new company. Google AdWords initially provided Peak Roofclean with significant traffic all be it at a cost. As the company became more established the advertising budget was reduced as more traffic was driven organically.

Changes in the Landscape

As the landscape of search has changed over the years and the search providers (Google, Bing etc.) became increasingly profit and advert focused the need for PPC marketing again became essential. Organic listings for services like ‘roof cleaning’ are now buried sometimes as far down as the 8th or 9th website listed. However, a correctly configured Pay Per Click campaign can ensure the top position in search results 95% of the time.

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Return on Investment

Pay Per Click is of cause open to everyone and Peak Roofcleans competitors also utilise Google AdWords to drive traffic to their sites. Although AdWords works on a bidding system (the more you are prepared to bid, the higher you rank) a well-designed and administered campaign is essential at ensuring expensive first place adverts convert into sales. Sonata has over 10 years of experience at administrating AdWords accounts for Peak Roofclean and others. Our knowledge and expertise have allowed PRC to consistently win the paid positions in Google which are likely to convert to a sale and ultimately provide great return on investment.