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Brocklehurst Property

Specialists in historic and period property management and window restoration, Brocklehurst have helped restore some of Derbyshire’s most recognisable period properties. Based near Bakewell, the company serves the whole of the UK.

Sonata helped overhaul the company website providing technical modernisation utilising HTML5, CSS and JavaScript as well as general enhancements. The improved website was moved to specialist managed hosting allowing for complete and reliable control of their web presence.

To increase the websites visibility online, each page was audited for search engine optimization opportunities and changes made both to the underlying code and the onscreen content. All changes were made ensuring that the overall look and feel of the site remained in line with the client’s vision.

Social Media pages where created to help Brocklehurst keep in touch with their large and diverse customer base. A Facebook page was implemented to facilitate connections with the company’s numerus private customers whilst a new LinkedIn company page, as well as pages for individual company members, was implemented to ensure connections with commercial customers, government bodies and NGOs.

Quality website content is essential to a websites visibility and also in establishing a company or individuals position as a thought leader. Brocklehurst were already recognised as respected for their extensive knowledge and experience in the historic and period building sector and it was important that this be communicated to potential new customers through the website. As a result, the websites content was increased so that the website not only served as a showcase for the companies work but also as a source of quality information about the industry. Downloadable reports have been added to the site and we continue to increase the repository of content attracting new visitors to the site. You can view one of our reports here: Secondary-Glazing.pdf.

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